Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are the campers?

All Campers must be age 9-16 by June 01 of the year of camp.

Where is the Camp?

We partner with Camp John Marc near Meridian Texas. Campers arrive at camp via Bus loaded in Dallas, TX at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

How long is camp?

Camp is from Sunday to Friday. Campers check in for camp in Dallas on Sunday Morning between 7-10am. They ride a bus to Camp John Marc. They return on the bus the following Friday to Dallas at around 11am.

How much does camp cost?

Camp is funded with grants and partnerships for a large percentage of the costs. Each camper is asked to contribute $50 toward the fee but no camper is turned away due to financial limitations. Waivers for the fee are available.

Do I have to have a covid vaccine to attend camp?

No. Although it is recommended we do not require campers or volunteers to have received a covid vaccination. Testing will be communicated as instructed by our medical team at time of camp. See our full Health Policy & Immunization Requirements on our Important Documents page.

Where do I sleep at camp?

Campers are assigned a cabin when they are accepted to camp. Cabins sleep 10 people in twin beds, have air conditioning, 2 showers and 2 toilets. 6-7 campers and 3-4 counselors are assigned to each cabin.

Can I bring my phone to camp?

We strongly urge campers to leave their electronic devices at home. We understand that with all the technology on a phone today that might not be possible. If you bring your phone we ask that you do not make calls and limit texting/games/social media. We are connecting with Nature and People … and do not need our phones to do that.

How do I know what to pack?

You will be provided a Camper checklist and suggested packing list. This is also available on the Camper and Parent page of the website.

Can my friends or siblings attend camp with me?

We currently do not have space to accept any individual without Spina Bifida as a camper. If you have people that qualify for counselor positions – they can apply and will be accepted if they qualify.

How do I know if I am accepted to Camp?

After filling out the Camp TLC application online at Campdocs 100% – you will be notified if there are any questions or issues with your application. Acceptance emails and packets are sent the first week of May. If you are not accepted you will be notified on or before the acceptance process. All applications are reviewed in order of completetion.

What if my child has special dietary requirements?

Camp is a nut free environment. If your child has any food intolerants or allergies, the Camp John Marc cook staff are able to accommodate with good details and instructions from you.

Can I check on my child while they are at Camp?

Your camper will be well taken care of and we will notify you if there are any issues. If you feel the need to check in you can leave a message for the directors or send them an email and we will do our best to respond. We prefer that campers not receive phone calls as many times this begins a homesickness pandemic for the entire cabin.

Can I visit the Camp to see my camper during the week?

Camp is closed to outside visitors for safety reasons. We ask that you do not come out to camp unless asked to by a director. No families will be visiting campers during their stay… only drop off and pick ups will be allowed with instruction from Camp TLC Directors.

What if I do not live inTexas?

If you live outside of the state of Texas, and live in one of our neighboring states, we are happy to consider your child for a camper spot. You must fill out the application and provide detailed records for our medical team. You will be considered for any open spots at the application deadline.

Will my child’s counselor contact me or my child before/after camp is over?

No. To ensure the safety of campers we do not allow the counselors or staff to contact the campers or their families without permission from directors. We feel it is best for our counselors to keep their relationship with campers at a very low level and be available at camp for their needs. This protects all involved.

What does a typical day at Camp TLC look like?

Here is what a typical schedule of our day at Camp TLC looks like!

Does my child have to have medical insurance to be able to attend camp TLC?

No – Medical Insurance should be presented on the application if you have it but it is not required for acceptance to Camp TLC.

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