What is Camp TLC?

Camp TLC is a 6-day residential camp program provided by the The Spina Bifida Association of North Texas to provide a true summer camp experience for children with Spina Bifida and other Neural Tube defects. Camp TLC is hosted by Camp John Marc, at their state-of-the-art therapeutic camping facility near Meridian, Texas. Doctors, Nurses, Therapist, and other specialists are provided by Texas Scottish Rite Hospital along with Children's Medical Center Dallas and Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth.

We accept between 90 and 100 children, who stay in air-conditioned cabins with trained volunteer cabin counselors. Three counselors are assigned to 6 or 7 children in each cabin. The campgrounds have been designed to be completely accessible with a specially trained staff. Days at camp are filled with swimming, boating, fishing, horseback riding, arts and crafts, photography, dance, singing, sports and games and other fun activities. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to allow their child with SB to experience greater independence, and to meet other kids facing the same challenges.

Camp TLC is staffed with 2 directors, 55 counselors, 6 Staff Members, 5 Horse handlers, 4 Therapists, 2 Child Life specialists, 2 Doctors, 30 nurses and 12 nursing students along with the Camp John Marc Summer staff of trained program leaders and directors.

Applications for our 3 Camper programs are mailed out to families with children of appropriate age in February. Deadlines for camp applications to be received for review is March 31st. Campers are accepted in order of application completed and received and cleared by Medical.

Ages 9-15

Camp TLC accepts camper for our Camper Program ages 9 to 15 by June 1st. Campers will participate in their age group experiencing outdoor and indoor activities as well as choose a weeklong projects. Meals, snacks, all activity supplies, supervision and medical care are all provided by the Volunteer Staff. Counselors and Volunteers go through an extensive training program as well as participate in a thorough screening process. Campers get to experience a truly wonderful experience.

Age 16

Campers age 16 by June 1st are able to apply for our extended program. This program will offer a Team building experience in the camp setting. Qualifications for this program is age, medical clearance, and previous participation in our Camper Program. This group will stay in cabins with their own age and will be supervised by experienced counselors. Our Campers will get to actively participate in the development of their week and experiences. It’s an important step in developing independence to provide opportunities for Kid Led – Adult Supervised programs.

Age 17

Campers age 17 by June 1st will be selected by a panel of medical personnel, counselors, and camp staff to participate in a Mentorship program for our younger campers. These campers are required to be completely independent in their personal care and must be former TLC campers. Our Mentors will receive an invitation in late February and will have a quick interview with a TLC Staff person before acceptance is completed. These campers will stay in age 9-10-11 year old cabins and provide an independent example of an older camper living with SB. Being a role model to younger campers gives the 17 year olds the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills while setting goals for their future. It’s great to see our former campers give back to the program by being a leader.